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NCJH House System

So, what is the House System:

A system designed to create a positive climate and culture for students and staff; as well as build character, relationships, and school spirit.

And...why do we have houses at NCJH?

We want everyone to have opportunities to be involved, connect with others, have a sense of identity and belonging, have a support system, be part of a community, be able to collaborate with others, and gain a sense of school spirit and pride.

Houses at NCJH:

Courage   Excellence   Integrity   Moxie   Wisdom   Virtue

Each house will also be divided into 5 dens.  

Earn points!

Points will be distributed throughout the year by teachers and staff.  You can earn points in a variety of ways: picking up trash, getting a difficult question correct, winning class competitions, displaying great character, food drive, good behavior, etc. 

  • Grades each 9 weeks

    • Straight A Honor Roll—30 pts

    • All A/B Honor Roll-20 pts

    • A, B, C’s only-10 pts

  • Discipline each 9 weeks

    • 0 infractions= 30 pts

    • 1 infractions= 25 pts

    • 2 infractions= 20 pts

    • 3 infractions= 15 pts

    • 4 infractions= 10 pts

    • 5 infractions= 5 pts

    • 6 or more infractions/referrals= 0 pts

House Meetings & Party Dates

House Meetings

January 25

February 22

March 29:

House Parties

December 20

April 22

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